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Empowering parents to make informed choices about their care & parenting experience.

About Me

Hi, my name is Whitley.


Social Worker. Travel Lover and Nurturer.

Since a young age, birth and the transformation a woman experiences during and after the pregnancy period has always intrigued me. Over the past seven years I have worked with countless first-time mothers throughout their transition from pregnancy to parenthood. 


As your doula, I offer personalized prenatal, birthing, and postnatal support. Honoring your pregnancy experience with dignity and compassion. My goal is to ensure you feel supported & empowered to achieve the birth you desire.



How I Assist



I attended a hospital birth of one of Nubeing Doula's clients as the OB/GYN physician. She was a great advocate for the patient and helped relay the patient's needs to our team. She is a model for doula services and pleasure to work with from a physician perspective. She always kept the patient's best interest in mind and collaborated with our team to ensure a safe delivery for mom and baby. I would highly recommend her for any patient (low and high risk)."

-Iyanna Liles, MD

I was happy to find a Black doula who could relate to myself and my husband. Whitley was a pleasure to work with. Being pregnant during COVID was a unique experience and since my husband couldn't attend any of my prenatal appointments, working with Whitley made him feel very much apart for the process. Whitley made sure we were prepared for the birth of our child and even the after care related to caring for our child. I felt supported throughout my pregnancy and during my labor. I asked a lot of questions and was never felt to feel like the questions were too much or too often. Whitley was always kind and open. We felt comfortable welcoming her into our home as well as her being apart of the birth process. There was so much information I didn't know about child birth before hiring Whitley as my doula. I am glad I made her apart of the process. I think my experience would have been extremely different otherwise. She is highly recommended!!

-Dimitri, Client

"It was such a blessing to have Whitley there for my husband and I while I labored. This was our first child and we were very nervous. Whitley created different environments that catered to my needs. She also taught us different techniques to perform throughout the different stages of labor. Whitley is truly passionate about the care she gives and loves what she does!"


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Image by Ruthson Zimmerman

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers...
Strong. Competent. Capable Mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

-Barbara Katz Rothman


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To book a free consultation please fill out the contact form under services in the menu. To ask me a question about my services please contact me here or call 

(860) 578-2323.


Maternity Photos by Norman Oates Photography &

Natalie Buck Photography 

74 Forest Street, Suite 2B
Hartford, CT 06105

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